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Remote Support

Sometimes you need a quick resolution to a technical problem. With the Allfax live assistance remote support tool one of our team members can help. Contact our service department at 800-873-7338 and an Allfax technician will help. When prompted by the technician click on "Continue" and provide the requested information, the rest will be easy.

"The fact that they're a local presence that delivers on what they state makes them a much better vendor to Helm Paint than any other vendor could be."

Joe Helm
Manager, Helm Paint and Supply

"Just the attitude, the attitude is a little something extra. They're there to please. There's the difference right there and they've stuck by that since day one."

Robert Stone
Vice President, Stone Insurance

"I think that Allfax does provide that little extra. They go out of their way to provide that whether it's the service or just the working together."

Karl Benson
Commissioner, Sun Belt Conference