Procedure to Perform an Address Book Transfer MX models

EXPORTING the Address Book

1. Go to the internal webpage of the copier. It should look like this before.
a. If you do not know the IP addresses go to the machine and perform the following.
i. Press System Settings
ii. Press List Print
iii. Locate on the top line " All Custom Settings List"
iv. Next to it will be the button "Print"
v. Press Print
vi. Press C
b. Locate the IP Address under the Title of IPV4 address

2. Press Login in the top right corner

3. You will be asked for a password. The password is admin. The screen you should be seeing and placing the password is below.

4. After you login Click Storage Backup on the left side. The webpage should look like this.

5. Check mark the box next to Address Book as the picture above shows.

6. Press the execute button.
a. It will ask you to place it somewhere. We suggest placing it on your desktop.
b. If you want to rename the file, it is at your discretion.

Import Address Book

**It is advisable to remove the old entries before Continuing**

1. Go to the webpage of the copier you want to import the information via the address it has.

2. Login as you did above.

3. Click on the Storage Backup location on the left.

4. The image above should be what you see. Locate the Import Settings section of the page.

5. Press Browse to locate the BIN file.

6. Press Execute to import.

7. It will Ask you to reboot once it is completed. You should see the message below when


8. Once it reboots, You will have to Click the Top Page link on the Right side.

9. Then press Address Book on the Left Side to verify the information.

Click HERE for PDF