How to Create/Import a Cover Sheet with the PC-FAX Driver

The PC-FAX driver from these models must be installed on the computer. Follow this procedure to create a cover page for the PC-FAX driver.

1. Create a cover sheet as desired in an application such as Microsoft Word
2. Click File and then Print
3. Select the PC-FAX driver and click on the Properties button
4. Turn on the checkbox for Create Cover Sheet, and then click the OK button
5. Click OK again
6. The Save As dialog is displayed; it already points to the folder where the cover sheets are
7. Name the cover sheet file that is to be created and click the Save button

The new cover sheet can be found in the cover sheet list on the Select Cover Sheet screen when using the PC-FAX driver.

Note: The user will have to check the Create Cover Sheet box each time if making more cover sheets as this setting will not be held on in the PC-FAX driver.

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