Remote Support

Sometimes you need a quick resolution to a technical problem. With the Allfax live assistance remote support tool one of our team members can help. Contact our service department at 800-873-7338 and an Allfax technician will help. When prompted by the technician click on "Continue" and provide the requested information, the rest will be easy.
allfax remote support
joe helm, helm paint
"The fact that they’re a local presence that delivers on what they state makes them a much better vendor to Helm Paint than any other vendor could be."
Joe Helm
Manager, Helm Paint and Supply
Troy R Keller
"Having the proper team to help me service my client’s needs as well as the proper equipment that I have gotten through Allfax has really helped me grow my business."
Troy Keller
Troy R Keller APLC
crescent trucks
"It helps us to do our work a lot quicker, and as far as the print and the quality it helps the process. We are saving money, an average of about fifty-five hundred a year."

Mario Wentzell
Business Manager, Crescent Ford Trucks